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A Local Cape Town Coffee Roastery

Situated in Cape Town, in the heart of the Northern Suburbs, is this coffee roastery. The shop was founded in a garage in 2016 by a couple who was curious about the capabilities of coffee. They are passionate about making the perfect cup of coffee, experimenting on the way to get there, and most importantly, educating people about the vast world of coffee and how each person can find their place therein. 

Not Just Another Roastery


We pride ourselves with our knowledge & expertise. Get in contact so we can help you start your journey.


We offer loads of courses for training in different areas of the coffee world like barista, roasting etc.


We supply everything from scales, machines, grinders and home brew equipment.


We offer a rental service on any of our Espresso, Grinder or Bean-to-Cup Machines.

Our Coffee

Our motto is, “Be Authentic”. That is why we are proud supporters of ethically-sourced coffee. We believe everybody should enjoy the coffee world, not just the consumers. We buy 100% Arabica coffee beans to make sure we give our customers the best quality and experience.

Coffee Tree with red coffee cherries