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Coffee Beans – Roasting and Selling (Small and Large Quantities)

Do you require beans for your coffee shop? Or your restaurant? Maybe for your own use at home or at the office. We can deliver any service to you from small quantities of 250 grams up to 2 Tons per month. No order to small, we all start somewhere.

We will make the blend that suites your brand the most, from a variety of blends or maybe a single origin which is always a winner.

Coffee Espresso Machines and Grinders

Wholesaler of all international brands in the market, from domestic to commercial. You will find something to fit your budget and we here to help you achieve that. View our shop for all the Brands, models and pricing.

Barista Equipment

All your needs as a Barista, we can supply. You name it we got it or can get it. What is a man or woman without their equipment that makes them unique?

Barista Training

To be a proper qualified Barista is what you should aim for. This is your job, but it should be your passion. Without passion for making art (coffee), then it taste like that too. Make it with passion and love and it will taste like passion and love.

At Bean Authentic we go the extra mile getting Barista trained with high standards. To be called a qualified Barista should be a honor and at Bean Authentic that is exactly what you can expect.

If you want to sign up to become a highly recommended Barista, click here to sign up.

Coffee Appreciation

For the coffee lovers, we will show you how to make the best aroma coffee at home. Ranging from Plungers, Filter machines, Aeropress, Pour over and also from our selection of Single origins and coffees served at the shop. Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Latte, Machiato.

You will also get introduction to history of coffee and the What to do’s and the What NOT to do’s. What coffee should taste like and not taste like.

Click here to sign up for Coffee appreciation evening or bless a friend with the voucher.

Installation and Repairs of Coffee Machines and Grinders

When purchasing espresso machines, office machine or even domestic machines and grinders. We will assist you setting it up to get the ultimate tasting coffee from your machinery. There is much more to setting these equipment up than just starting it up and using it. This is not plug and play equipment, let the professionals assist you at no charge when purchasing these equipment from us.

Equipment Rental

We offer rental service that is provided by “The Rental Company” to suit your pocket. Two day approval. Minimum 3 years operational, only new equipment. 36, 48, 60 months rental options. Keep your machine updated with the new features and never fall behind. When renting, you are also able to write off 100% to tax. The US rentals is currently around 92% for equipment as there is more benefit in it. Contact us and see what there is to offer at what monthly cost.

A machine of R80k to rent will work out to 43cents per cup of coffee when doing around 200 cups of coffee a day, 6 days a week.

About Us

  • Roasting and selling of Coffee Beans.
  • Custom profiling.
  • Coffee Machines and Grinders
  • Barista Equipment and Training
  • Installations
  • Equipment Rental

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