Delter Press


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Be sure to download a digital copy of the brew guide or watch the video below before you start brewing with the Delter Press, and enjoy the new way to brew.


What is different about the Delter Press

The Delter Press is actually not an immersion brewer. Instead, its makers have dubbed it an injection brewer. The ground coffee is held in a separate chamber from the water until you choose to start pressing. This is an important point, as it avoids water leaking through prematurely and also prevents unintended agitation, which can lead to over-extraction.

The Delter Press also features a clever brew chamber design, that allows you to control water flow, and top up mid-brew. This means that, with the aid of its helpful volume markings, you can do things like pre-infuse your coffee, or easily do a double batch.

Water and coffee only make contact through the process of plunging with the Delter Press, which really makes it quite unique. Our first results with it have been delicious, but we also believe that this is still uncharted territory. Nobody has yet tapped into this coffee maker’s full potential, and we’re excited to see what is to come.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 27 cm


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