Our Coffee

We aim to roast coffee beans in such a way that will most enhance the natural flavours of the bean and represent the authenticity of the origin.

We roast a variety of single origin coffee beans and are always in search for the best quality from around the world. That’s why our single origin range always varies, due to the availability of the green beans. But, rest assured, we will always have something new to offer and if you’re not sure you can always fall back onto our unfailing blends – Gracia, Vreugde, Ithemba and our infamous Houseblend called Mi Amor.

Wholesale Clients

Contract Roasting

We not only roast for ourselves but also offer the service in the form of Contract Roasting for other companies, supplying your business with freshly roasted beans with the option of packaging it for you straight after being roasted to keep the freshness of the beans intact.

White Labeling

We also offer an option of White Labeling for the companies who want to build up their own brand. You select your beans, packaging and labels and we sort it for you.