About Us

In 2016 we started roasting coffee in the garage at home and have grown tremendously. Since 2017, after moving into a small shop in Monte Vista, our first Bean Authentic coffee shop was born, and we were blessed by the amount of support we received from the community, our friends & our family! Shortly after that, we moved our shop into a bigger building in 2020. This led to a whole new adventure and we are able to live out or passion for the food industry as well!

Now looking back, we are grateful to celebrate the birth of the Bean Authentic franchise, also setting up & collaborating with coffee shops all around us.

We are aware of the challenges and pitfalls that small businesses, especially coffee shops and coffee roasteries, might fall into.

Therefore, since day one, our vision was to build our brand and our business, using our different skills and passions, in a way that we would be able to authentically lead by example, to live out, teach, develop & lead other businesses & coffee shops, into “the more”.

We now do this through, offering consulting services to up-coming coffee shops and businesses, sharing resources and opportunities from training and equipment to roasting, developing your own coffee blends and White labelling.

We have partnered with Sanremo Coffee Machines who not only sells Espresso Machines and Grinders but also has a vision to put a personal touch in everything that they do. We also managed to partner with the Springbok Foundation in 2019.

In 2021 we partnered up with O’Graceland and The Menstruation Foundation. These two NPO’s greatly touched our hearts, and we saw where we could help them fill a need in the community.

They are focused on redeeming and equipping young woman to take back dignity and build their lives up to be able to thrive! We combined forces and developed a 6 months training program to kick-start a career with “Basic Hospitality & Barista” skills.

We are excited to see where the journey will take us, but for now, we are refining our skills, building well and multiplying as we go!